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How to Join
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With awareness and daily care, pets with diabetes can live healthy and happy lives. This month we’re highlighting your amazing pets and all those who care for them:

To all the dogs I walk every day that don’t let diabetes get them down–you’re the best. (Treats on me tomorrow!) #PetDiabetesMonth

It’s #PetDiabetesMonth friends! My buddy Bear lived with diabetes for months before someone pointed out what his symptoms might mean. Get your babies checked everyone!

This is the face of the happiest mom of the happiest dog with diabetes. #PetDiabetesMonth

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Great Minds
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No one should deal with pet diabetes alone. Check out the inspiring community of pet parents, care givers and veterinarians that have joined in on #PetDiabetesMonth.


Living with Pets
with Diabetes

Hear from our featured pet owners about their experiences caring for pets after a diabetes diagnosis, and how they found happiness in managed care.


Is Your Pet at Risk?

Does your pet have signs of diabetes? Take the quiz and work with your veterinarian to identify next steps.


The American Animal Hospital Association is a proud supporter of Pet Diabetes Month.

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